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Learn to play the Erhu in 3 months!…..wherever you are!

September 16, 2008

“Turn from sounding like a strangled chicken to producing the most beautiful melodies with the first ever Online Interactive Erhu Lessons.”

So one day while you’re strolling in the Botanical gardens, you hear this most wonderful melody played by this instrument that sounds almost human like. It sings and cries and brings tears to your eyes. Following the source, you found out that it is from a traditional Chinese Musical Instrument called the erhu.

Bitten by the Erhu bug, you tell yourself that you have to own an erhu. So you order one from the internet. You open up the package and try to make your first note. Boy does that sound awful! Undaunted, you check out local music schools to see if they are offer any erhu classes. “Errrr….who?” they asked. You logged on to the internet to see if you can buy any books or VCDs on the erhu. Yes, there are lots of them, but all of them are in CHINESE!

Finally you manage to find one VCD with English subtitles. But after going through the the VCD a hundred times, you find that you are nowhere near the tone you fell in love with.

Slowly, you noticed your family members are nowhere in sight when you play the erhu. Even your cat bolts out of the window and your dog howls in despair.

You have a choice to make: Do you want to soldier on aimlessly or finally put your erhu dreams to sleep?


“Now you have another choice! You can learn how to play the erhu CORRECTLY and sound fantastic, with the first ever Online Interactive Erhu Lessons!”

We have been dealing in Chinese Music Instruments since 1976 so we do know a thing or two about Chinese Music. We have worked together with qualified erhu instructors to bring to you this fantastic program where you will be taught systematically how to play the erhu. Our chief instructor Mr Chin has many years of performing and teaching the erhu. He has great passion in teaching the erhu and is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English.

Here are the wonderful features of the program:

  • Conducted over the internet – You can attend the lessons wherever you are using just a computer with speakers and internet connection, at the comfort of your own home.
  • Interactive platform – Lessons are conducted online with an instructor and a facilitator so that you can ask questions along the way
  • Multimedia Learning – Enhanced learning experience with audio, video, text, pictures and live web streaming
  • Systematic teaching – Learn each technique step by step so that you master each part before moving to another
  • Cutting edge IT platform – Eliminate lag times and improve learning experience
  • Unlimited review of lessons – Lessons are recorded and participants can review them as often as they like. And you don’t need to worry about missing a lesson or having to leave in the middle of the lesson
  • Play along videos – what you hear you tend to forget, what you see you remember, what you do, you understand.  So let’s practice together with the videos!
  • Progress review – Participants will be encouraged to send in videos of their playing so that we can spot any mistakes and correct them early
  • Get rewarded for posting your videos – US$10 credits given to participants who send in videos of their playing. Credits can be redeemed for items in our online store.
  • Fun and exciting exercises and tunes – So you’ll have a great time practicing and learning!

What you are getting when you sign up for Online Interactive Erhu Lessons Module 1:

  • 12 lessons over a period of 12 weeks conducted real time by an instructor and facilitator
  • Lessons are conducted once a week and each lesson lasts 45 minutes
  • Each class will have an average of 5 participants
  • Participants can ask questions at specific times during the lesson
  • 25 sheet music in PDF format
  • 30 videos in mp4 format

We have condensed what would normally take 6 months to cover in a face to face lesson, into a 3 month course. You will be taught the right hand bowing techniques, left hand postures, how to change strings effectively, how to change left hand position correctly, slurs, G scale, D scale, staccato and much more!

At the end of module 1, you will be able to sound good playing simple tunes on the erhu!

Not only that, we will be throwing in these fantastic extras to give you more reasons to sign up:

  • Free videos sharing secrets on setting up your erhu, exclusive to participants!
  • Free simple tunes with score sheet and audio, exclusive to participants!
  • Free access to our library of scores of 100 over erhu Classics, exclusive to participants!
  • Unlimited online mentorship with our instructors via email and instant messaging
  • US$50 off your next erhu purchase



And we’re so confident of our online lessons that we have are giving you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you find that you are not playing better than before the lessons, let us know by the 3rd lesson and we will give you a full refund!

Think about the money you could save from purchasing erhu books and VCDs in Chinese where you can only guess what they are trying to say. Think about the hours and days you spent on the road traveling to somewhere faraway to have a face to face erhu lesson, only to forget what had been taught when you reach home.

Finally, think about the questions below:

  • Do you want to really want to be able to play the erhu?
  • Do you want to fully enjoy the playing erhu?
  • Do you want to make a $2000 erhu sound like a $200 erhu or you want to make a $200 Erhu sound like a $2000 erhu?

The answers are obvious.



Update:  Our online erhu course is ready for enrollment!

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We look forward to seeing you there.